New Property Registration System Helps New York City Owners

Last month, New York City went operational with its new “Notice of Recorded Document” System, as part of ACRIS [Automated City Register Information System]. As many people are already aware, several years ago, New York City started electronic recordation of deeds, mortgages, and other types of instruments pertaining to real estate, including buildings, houses, condominiums and cooperative apartments. ACRIS was designed to make these recorded instruments easily accessible to the public.

Now, the City Register has taken the ACRIS program a significant step forward, by introducing the Notice of Recorded Document System. The system allows users to log in and register with the website. Registrants are limited to those with an interest in the subject property, such as owners, lienors, managing agents and executors/administrators.

The user can register to receive notification by email or text of any instrument recorded against the subject property. This may be very useful in preventing deed theft, mortgage fraud or loss of interests in the property.

by Richard A. Klass, Esq.

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